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Stigfinnare has own ban system and anti-cheat system. All blocks except for change stats are applying only in public games. All requests to appeal blocks should be sent not later than two days from the start of cooldown. Currently there are three types of accounts:
No blocks or warnings - the account has no blockages or warnings
Warning block - account has warning block. After the cooldown ban will remove, you can start public games, but ban will still be displayed in profile on website
Anti-cheat block - The account has a permanent block.
See the table below for details about violations.
First violationSecond violationThe third and subsequent violations
ToxicityWarn 2dWarn 7dWarn 14d
TeammatingWarn 7dBan
Change statistics and in-game currencyWarn 7dBan

Toxicity is considered any offensive message in the chat, aggressive behavior in game. It is possible to appeal only if account has banned for 14d.
Teaming with other players in a game against a single player/group of players is considered a teammating. It is possible to appeal only if account permanently banned.
Cheating is considered to be the receipt of in-game currency (S) coins, statistics, and any other account indicators in an unforeseen way by the game.
Cheating is launch/use software that help to gain an advantage over other players. Also includes bug using and manual modification of game files.
Please do not modify the game files without UTID permission.
If you don’t know what you got the lock for, please email