Terms of Use

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The following notation is used:
The following notation is used: "Ban" - a restriction on the use of part of the game; "account" - the data required to access the game; "cheating" - performing actions unforeseen by the game, as a result of which obtaining an advantage over others; "cheat" - change of statistics / currency linked to your account in a manner not intended by the game; bugs - game vulnerabilities that gives advantage.
1. Access to online games
1.1 Bans
Ban may be temporary or indefinite. For repeated violations, the term may be extended. If you saw a player who can fairly get a ban, report via context menu write to utidteam@utidteam.com
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1.2 Technical Works
We often hold those. work, as a result, access to all modes may be temporarily closed. Please email utidteam@utidteam.com if you cannot log in to the game, but we do not run those. works
2. Online content
2.1 Chat
The game has a chat in the upper right corner in which all players can write. In the chat may be obscene statements and insults. We do not issue bans for messages in this chat. If you want to contact us because of problems with the chat, write to utidteam@utidteam.com You can hide the chat in the settings.
2.2 Voice chat
This feature will appear in the future. Voice chat is a set of functions with which you can communicate with players in the same room using a microphone. To turn on your voice, hold down the V key. You can turn off the voice chat in the settings. In the voice chat may be obscene speech and insults. We do not issue locks for what was said in the voice chat.
2.3 Blood, killings, weapons
The game has blood, cold, firearms, and killings. Not recommended for persons under 16 years old.
3. Add. content
3.1 DLC
The game has additional content purchased for your account one-time in the store items Steam. All content remains only on your account and can not be transferred to another or canceled by us.
3.2. Events
The game has temporary events during which new locations, items, and other content are available. Content cannot be displayed before or after a specified period.